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Bow Tie Atticus

Change your "Atti"tude as often as you like!


Every bow tie & flower is made to order and will ship within 10-15 business days. If you need sooner please email to see if we can accommodate your rush order.

Free Continental USA

1st class USPS shipping on orders $25  and up!

Gift Certificates are redeemable for

Bow Ties & Scout's Garden Flowers only.


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Our May giveback is


(Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals)

We will donate $1-$3 to REDFOSA for every 

bow tie purchased from our site this month.

REDFOSA logo.jpg

Redfosa is an all-volunteer non-profit group in the City of Redands, CA. The specific purpose of this group is to save the lives of homeless pets in and around Redlands through coordination with Inland Empire animal shelters, regional shelter partners, animal rescue groups, veterinarians and trainers; through community education and awareness campaigns supporting pet adoptions, pet fostering, pet reunification, adoption counseling and adoption support, and the importance of spay/neuter; and through volunteer assistance to support offsite adoption events and fundraising campaigns that benefit animals in need.

The group was started as a group of volunteers calling themselves the "Non-Profit Friends of the Shelter".  It was started by a former supervisor for the Redlands Animal Shelter, Gayle Lipes.  The group was created to help the shelter by assisting with adoption of the animals.  In 2010, the name was changed to Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals (REDFOSA), and in 2014 we received our 501(c)(3).  The main activity was to put on outside adoption events and we were successful.  Then we took on medical cases that exceeded the city budget and hinder the animals from successful adoption.  Member of REDFOSA became active as volunteers at the shelter.  We also made connections with rescue groups in the community.  Since 2021 REDFOSA has expanded to the community at large.  Our role is to provide funds for medical interventions, vaccines, spay/neuter, TNR, and to help animals get adopted through our "Crystal Project".  The organization continues to be all volunteer driven with a board of directors and members.

Bully Boys Bakery LOGO.jpg

A portion of every order placed through 

Bully Boys Bakery

 this month will be donated to REDFOSA

Just click their logo to order today!

 Meet our friends Fiona and Felix! When you purchase or donate the book Fiona The Fabulous Goes Home their momma will donate to Out of the Pits, the rescue who saved Fiona & Felix so they could be ADOPTED! AND every Fiona & Felix bow tie is a donation to our giveback rescue &

Out of the Pits!  

Just click Fiona's Circle to order!

Fiona book.jpg
Fiona & Felix.jpg
Atti and Fiona book.jpg

Momma and I send out a BIG Shout out and

Thank you to everyone who supports rescue

and small business.

2024 Giveback Rescues:

January United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) $250

February Pitties and Purrs $610

March Angel City Pit Bulls $415 

April - LovePaws PG 


June- Hilary Taylor, Bear, DE Wildlife Rehabilitator

July LaMancha Animal Rescue 


September House of Hope Animal Rescue 

October Stand Up For Pits (SUFP) 

November Senior Dog Haven & Hospice 

December The Humane Society of Harford County

2023 Giveback Rescues:

Total donation $4232

January United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) $300

February Pitties and Purrs $340

March Angel City Pit Bulls $370

April Angels Retreat PA $286

May Against All Oddz (AAO) $300

June CompAnimals Rescue $160

July LaMancha Animal Rescue $411

August Out of the Pits $380

September House of Hope Animal Rescue $250

October Stand Up For Pits (SUFP) $375

November Senior Dog Haven & Hospice $760

December The Humane Society of Harford County $300

Find our "Atti"tudes at

these local shops

Riverfront Pets .jpg
Wilmington, DE
We will donate back to  Humane Animal Partners for very bow tie purchased at RFP!
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