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Our October giveback is

Stand Up for Pits Foundation 

We will donate $1-$3 for every bow tie

purchased through this site!

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The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to saving lives and ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull “type” dogs (Pibbles) through live events, funds, education and advocacy. We don’t limit the way we advocate or save lives. We believe in new ways, new thinking and new change, and are committed to empowering others to do the same until abuse and discrimination against our beautiful Pit Bull type dogs ends.

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation supports Pit Bull “type” dog rescues around the country by raising funds, providing publicity opportunities and Pibble adoptions at the Stand Up For Pits live events (to read just some of the Foundation success stories go to

The Foundation donates to and supports educational programs and front line rescue efforts. We advocate, educate and save lives and we will continue to focus our efforts to end dog fighting, abuse and discrimination.

To learn more about the live events produced by the Foundation go to and

100% of funds raised go directly to front line rescue efforts, initiatives and all SFUP Foundation related expenses. We are very pleased with the growth and support of the Foundation from people in and outside of the animal community. We are proud of  the impact we’ve had and change we have created and inspired in such a short period of time. That shows us people want to take action and that behavior we strongly encourage because if we are to ever get law makers to end BSL, and get off the giant hamster wheel that is rescue, we must ALL do what we can. We are a solution driven Foundation open to new ways of doing things. We understand this is a long journey and we are dedicated to ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull “type” dogs and by doing so improving the safety of communities for humans and pets.

We believe what is happening to Pit Bull “type” dogs is not just an animal issue but very much a direct reflection of a broken society thus making it EVERYONE’s problem. While we are members of the animal welfare community but we also are members of society and have a responsibility to not ignore or tolerate hate and discrimination towards any living being.

“Abuse and discrimination is wrong. Whether the abused and discriminated has two legs or four, it is wrong.” – Rebecca Corry

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 Meet our friends Fiona and Felix! When you purchase or donate the book Fiona The Fabulous Goes Home their momma will donate to Out of the Pits, the rescue who saved Fiona & Felix so they could be ADOPTED! AND every Fiona & Felix bow tie is a donation to our giveback rescue &

Out of the Pits!  

Just click Fiona's Circle to order!

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Momma and I send out a BIG Shout out and

Thank you to everyone who supported our

August Giveback

One Love Animal Rescue

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Thank you everyone for supporting rescue and small business with your

Thank you to Paw Power Nutrition, our small business giveback host who donated $500! Click their logo to learn or to order...Tell 'em Atticus sent you!

Our total giveback donation to One Love Animal Rescue was $720!

Stay tuned for September 2022 donation to
House of Hope Animal Rescue!

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We will donate back to  Humane Animal Partners for very bow tie purchased at RFP!