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Bow Tie Atticus

Change your "Atti"tude as often as you like!


Every bow tie & flower is made to order and will ship within 10-15 business days. If you need sooner please email to see if we can accommodate your rush order.

Free Continental USA

1st class USPS shipping on orders $25  and up!

Gift Certificates are redeemable for

Bow Ties & Scout's Garden Flowers only.


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TAG! You're it!

Click on me!

Order your tags now! 

For every tag purchased $2 will be donated to

The B & Let Project AND $1 will be donated to our Giveback Rescue of the month!



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Our July giveback is

is LaMancha Animal Rescue

We will donate $1-$3 to

LaMancha  Animal Rescue for every 

bow tie purchased from our site this month.

LaMancha Rescue LOGO.jpg

Welcome to LaMancha Animal Rescue. Since 2005, we have been a qualified public charity under IRS section 501(c)3. LaMancha maintains a forty-five acre facility for rescuing dogs, cats, pigs, goats, horses, and the occasional exotic animal that requires more space or specialized
knowledge than most SPCAs can offer.


We have two heated and air-conditioned kennels for dogs, each dog is housed in a run where they have indoor/outdoor access. There is a heated and air-conditioned building dedicated to cats, which is free range, no cages. 


LaMancha is staffed primarily with volunteers, we currently have an active list of approximately two hundred. These volunteers care for the animals, exercise the dogs, either on walking trails, or large exercise fields. We try and take in the harder-to-place dogs, that wouldn’t have a good chance to be adopted in public shelters.

We have gained a reputation for saving and rehoming Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, known in North America as the Great Pyrenees. These large dogs are known for their gentle temperament as well as their independent streak. When you visit LaMancha, the famous “white dogs of LaMancha” are usually amongst the first to greet you.


Find our "Atti"tudes at

these local shops

Riverfront Pets .jpg
Wilmington, DE
We will donate back to  Humane Animal Partners for very bow tie purchased at RFP!
BLLP Home page photo.jpg

Order your organic freeze-dried pet treats and food toppers that are both delicious and nutritious! Whether your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach, allergies, or just loves a good snack, they've got something for everyone. Their food toppers made with fresh fruit, veggies, seeds, herbs, and Greek yogurt, add a wholesome and natural boost to your pet's diet. PLUS they donate back to rescue too!

We LOVE Organic Dog! Order today & tell them Atti sent you!

Organic Dog SBGB logo.jpg

 Meet our friends Fiona and Felix! When you purchase or donate the book Fiona The Fabulous Goes Home their momma will donate to Out of the Pits, the rescue who saved Fiona & Felix so they could be ADOPTED! AND every Fiona & Felix bow tie is a donation to our giveback rescue &

Out of the Pits!  

Just click Fiona's Circle to order!

Atti and Fiona book.jpg
Fiona book.jpg
Fiona & Felix.jpg

Momma and I send out a BIG Shout out and

Thank you to everyone who supports rescue

and small business.

2024 Giveback Rescues:

January United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) $250

February Pitties and Purrs $610

March Angel City Pit Bulls $415 

April - LovePaws PG $450

May- REDFOSA $401

June- Saving South Texas

July LaMancha Animal Rescue 

August Hilary Taylor, Bear, DE Wildlife Rehabilitator

September House of Hope Animal Rescue 

October Stand Up For Pits (SUFP) 

November Senior Dog Haven & Hospice 

December The Humane Society of Harford County

2023 Giveback Rescues:

Total donation $4232

January United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) $300

February Pitties and Purrs $340

March Angel City Pit Bulls $370

April Angels Retreat PA $286

May Against All Oddz (AAO) $300

June CompAnimals Rescue $160

July LaMancha Animal Rescue $411

August Out of the Pits $380

September House of Hope Animal Rescue $250

October Stand Up For Pits (SUFP) $375

November Senior Dog Haven & Hospice $760

December The Humane Society of Harford County $300

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