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Beefy Seals lounging - pastel sherbet background (pattern will vary)

Beefy Seal

  • Meet Beefy Seal, a gentle soul with a heart as big as his name. His journey began in uncertainty, as he was originally intended for breeding but found himself in a local shelter instead. When we welcomed him into our home as a foster, little did we know the profound impact he would have on our lives.

    Despite his  past, Beefy Seal quickly stole our hearts, forming an instant bond with our resident dog, Joy. What started as a temporary arrangement turned into a long-term commitment when we discovered Beefy Seal's health challenges, including torn ligaments and elevated liver enzymes. Through two TPLO surgeries and alongside Joy's own injury recovery, Beefy Seal showed resilience and unwavering affection.

    As he healed, Beefy Seal not only became a cherished member of our family but also a beacon of compassion for the countless foster animals who cross our threshold. Despite his initial need for guidance in the realm of doggy communication, Beefy Seal's innate kindness and warmth shone through, making him a natural caretaker and mentor, especially to young pups in need.

    With two resident dogs and demanding schedules, some may question our decision to open our hearts and home to more animals. Yet, Beefy Seal's presence has only enriched our lives and reinforced our commitment to fostering and pet care. His gentle demeanor and nurturing spirit have touched the hearts of everyone he meets, leaving an indelible impression of love and compassion.

    Together, let's honor Beefy Seal's legacy and ensure that every pet receives the love, care, and second chance they deserve. Thank you for joining us on this journey of compassion and hope.

  • Bow Ties are hand-made and should not subjected to harsh pulling or other rough handling. We do not recommend daily wear. Bow Ties are for outer wear only and should not be ingested. In case of ingestion notify proper health authority as soon as possible if you suspect life threatening issues. Purchaser releases Bow Tie Atticus from any legal action and does not hold Bow Tie Atticus responsible should a bow tie become ingested. Non-toxic hot melt adhesives used and defined as not hazardous by code 29 CFR1910.1200/Conforms to ASTM D-4236-88. Bow Ties can be gently cleaned with damp cloth.

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