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Orange Stars on dark background- pattern will vary (Ben went to heaven 2/23/22. He was loved and will be missed very much) Ben is a big fan of bow ties and me and momma can see why BECAUSE he is so handsome! Quite purrfect! When we asked Ben's momma about naming a bow tie after Ben she was so excited to tell him...and he wrote us a letter. To read Ben's letter see the "Meet Ben" Section below. We are sending Ben and his family lots of love!


  • Dear Atticus,

    My name is Ben. I'm a 9 year old domestic long haired cat. My mom adopted me when I was a baby from someone she used to work with. I live with my parents and my siblings, Babygirl, Jilly, Ace and Daisy. I really enjoy spending time with them and I also love when people come over to my house to visit. I've recently been diagnosed with liver damage and my family is giving me lots of love and care. I love wearing my "atti"tude bow ties and think I look so dapper. I have a pretty good collection started and I feel very special wearing them. The Ben bow tie is beautifully designed after my favorite star Catnip toy! 

    Your friend, Ben


    Atticus here: Thank you Ben and thanks to your mom! We are honored to have your namesake "atti"tude! I can't wait to wear my very own Ben "Atti"tude!! 

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