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Sugar Skulls & guitars on black. Bessie is a survivor and now she has the best mom and dad ever...and pretty cool grand pawrents too. To read Bessie's full story and her run in with the law ;) see the "Meet Bessie" section below. You can follow Bessie on facebook at Bessie Venus. AND that last pic is momma and Bessie! <3


Bessie too

  • From Bessie's momma: We were ready for a dog. How do you find the right one for you.  In this case, the saying should go “the dog finds you and rescues you.”  In August (2021), I went to my eye doctor for a routine exam and the receptionist, Robin (rescuer) told me she just returned from a busy weekend of driving to West Virginia and back to rescue a litter of puppies.  She showed me a photo of 9 little hound dog mix at 9 weeks old all suffering from parvovirus.  They were named after the 9 planets and the rescue was working very hard to save the universe.  For two months I began following them and learned all but one recovered successfully from the deadly parvovirus.   A few weeks later Chuck ( Bessie's dad) goes to his routine eye exam and Robin (just like a little bird) whispered to Chuck “Hey, there’s still two puppies left”  Chuck and I knew we wanted a girl puppy so we contacted the rescue and asked for a visit.   As soon as she was brought in, we instantly were sold.  “Let’s do it!”  Three days later she was ours.  Since Chuck was a musician and this would be my first dog we named her Bessie, after the first American Blues Singer, Bessie Smith.  Bessie adapted to her new environment with such ease.  The animal hospital that took care of her told us stories about her recovery while in their care. Besides Bessie’s determination to overcome parvo, we learned that Bessie had a run in with the law.  While recovering at the animal hospital, Bessie managed to escape her crib.  Even though she was hooked up to tubes she managed to get loose and roam around the hospital in the middle of the night setting off the alarm system.  The local police department was dispatched expecting to take down and arrest some intruders.  When the officer shined his flashlight through the window of the lobby he saw this little puppy with a tilted head and tubes dangling from its paw staring back at him with those eyes and THOSE EARS!  He radioed back “Suspect located.  Umm, it’s a puppy. With LONG EARS!”

    Even though we changed her name from Venus to Bessie, she IS our bright shining star and she quickly became our whole world. We just love her and we’re very happy to have her as part of our family.

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