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Green frogs on blue- pattern may vary ~ Buster 10/15/2012-10/16/21 

Buster left a legacy - he taught those he met many lessons of love during his short time on Earth.  Momma included. He and his AMAZING mom, Jenn stood against BSL and he will always be a light shining above our world. There is quite a story to tell...please, read in the Meet Buster Section below. 

Buster (in memory of B)

  • It was love at first sight when Jenn & this handsome guy met at a Rescue called Blue Chip  Farms, thanks to Facebook. 
    She decided to name him Buster, but over time, she would develop  other pet names: B, Stink, Stinky, B Man, Buuuuuuuuddy, My  Guy, Guy and Mr. B.  They were made for each other. 

    Jennifer was 35  and Buster was only 3 months old.  
    He was an American Staffordshire Terrier, known to be very confident, smart and  good-natured.  Jennifer and B spent much of their time educating people about B's breed.  For some reason, pitties are often and sadly misunderstood in the dog world. Jennifer introduced Buster to so many people to show them how friendly he was. How could  a dog be anything but friendly if they are loved like Jennifer loves? Buster loved to chase frogs, snuggle, play hide and seek, trail running especially with his fox friends and hanging with his sister Liv. He is missed very much. 

    Jennifer is committed to helping all the underdogs of the world. Helping others fight fear and to find freedom is part of her mission. Every day in America, Pit Bull type dogs like B are discriminated against, bullied, abused, sentenced to death. It is fear-based ignorance and if anyone can help move the needle on this type of mindset, it’s B momma's Jennifer. She believes in humanity and that all things are possible if you are willing to believe in love. Love will crack your heart wide open and the light will pour right inside of you to those around you. Love is always the answer.


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