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Ladies Man hearts with mustache on grey background - adopted 11 years ago Charlie is still stealing hearts! Also, see our Allie "Atti"tude because these are siblings - PAWS UP TO RESCUE! Read all about Charlie in the Meet Charlie Section! 


  • From Charlies Momma: We got Charlie in August 2010 from an ACT Philly foster. We had planned to go see this sweet boy who was found wandering Kensington with no intentions of leaving with him. It was love at first sight for the whole family. How could we not take him home after we saw his sweet demeanor and his adorable eyebrows?! Over the past eleven years, he has been our constant companion. Through countless moves, accomplishments and hard times, he’s been there as our family’s sidekick. As a puppy he was a racehorse and now he is the old man of the house. Slightly grumpy but still always there waiting for our return. He is the glue of our family!

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