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Bandanna pattern on red (pattern will vary) Duchess, lived 18 human years!

She was supposed to be put down but Wick’s (see his bow ties) grandmom’s friend brought her out of the shelter so she wasn’t euthanized and brought her home to live her best life!! For Duchess's amazing life story see the "Meet Duchess" section below.


  • Duchess was Cats’ first dog (Wick & Baileys mom -see their bow ties) 

    From Cat: My mom adopted Duchess when she was in her 20’s. Duchess was supposed to be put down but my moms friend brought her out of the shelter and my mom brought her home without telling my dad (I wonder wear I got that trait from 😂)

    She was so wild my dad used to call her Mad dog! She would get the zoomies and run laps up and down our hall way.

    She was constantly escaping the backyard so everyone in the neighborhood knew her and they would all bring her home

    We lived on the water and one winter when it frozen over she decided to start to run on it and she made it out in the marsh lands and we had to get the fire department to come and get her off the ice!

    As she aged her care was getting hard to keep up so my grandfather kept her at his house because she needed 24/7 care. He would massage her arthritic paws and get her cream of wheat and rehydrated kibble.

    She ended up living until she was 18 in human years! She was freakin nuts but the best girl ❤️ sadly, she ended up dying of renal failure and kidney failure 
    She passed when I was in 4th grade.

    Duchess was my very first pet and my introduction to my love of animals

  • Bow Ties are hand-made and should not subjected to harsh pulling or other rough handling. Bow Ties are for outer wear only and should not be ingested. In case of ingestion notify proper health authority as soon as possible if you suspect life threatening issues. Purchaser releases Bow Tie Atticus from any legal action and does not hold Bow Tie Atticus responsible should a bow tie become ingested. Non-toxic hot melt adhesives used and defined as not hazardous by code 29 CFR1910.1200/Conforms to ASTM D-4236-88. Bow Ties can be gently cleaned with damp cloth.

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