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Black with red/white bows (Minnie doesn't quite look like other dogs -she has a  form of dwarfism and scoliosis. This cutie pie has very short legs, a deformed spine and tail, and has a bunch of other issues...but none of those mattered because she found the perfect family to love her FOREVER! Read Minnie's whole story and truly be amazed at her rescue and the "Meet Minnie" section below!

Minnie (Bug)

  • Bow Ties are hand-made and should not subjected to harsh pulling or other rough handling. Bow Ties are for outer wear only and should not be ingested. In case of ingestion notify proper health authority as soon as possible if you suspect life threatening issues. Purchaser releases Bow Tie Atticus from any legal action and does not hold Bow Tie Atticus responsible should a bow tie become ingested. Non-toxic hot melt adhesives used and defined as not hazardous by code 29 CFR1910.1200/Conforms to ASTM D-4236-88. Bow Ties can be gently cleaned with damp cloth.

  • From Minnie's Momma:

    Minnie's pup-mom was brought into my veterinary hospital on 12/26/17, having been in labor from a backyard breeder for multiple days and very, very ill. The "owner" opted to euthanize the dog, but our staff talked him into signing her into our custody, instead. We went in a performed an emergency C-section, and of 11 puppies, only five made it. When Minnie was born, I couldn't get her to breathe, and we feared the worst. Luckily, she did start breathing, and that's where her story begins.

    Over the next few weeks, the puppies grew and learned, and eventually got adopted (momma dog did, too!), but no one was interested in little Minnie. You see, Minnie doesn't quite look like other dogs - she has very short legs, a deformed spine and tail, and has a bunch of other issues, like impulse control and anxiety disorder (we didn't know then). I was told she has a form of dwarfism and scoliosis, and since no one wanted to adopt her, the office was worried about the decision to put her down (they didn't know the extent of her disabilities at the time). I refused to allow that to happen, so I  talked with the staff, and Minnie came home with me on a snowy night in February 2018, and we haven't looked back since - Daddy was quite surprised when I brought her home! Minnie, or Bug as we call her, has lived up to her high maintenance namesake (Minnie Mouse), and has defied all odds and has thrived with us. That's not to say she's without her hurdles, though. In March 2021, Minnie ruptured her ACL and meniscus, and had to have near-emergency surgery to repair it with a plate and screws (TTA procedure). Our brave girl has already been through so much in her life, that she took it in stride and went through surgery like a champ, and continues to do well with physical therapy. Minnie is not only a valuable member of our family, and our fur baby, but she's also my service animal. With all her physical limitations and struggles with anxiety, Minnie has always been a shining light in our lives, and loves everyone she meets. We won the lottery of love with this little diva.

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