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Yellow Brown zigzag pattern! Born in Tijuana, Mexico, Poncho was one of two in a litter that survived parvo and guardia. Poncho was adopted in March of 2021 and his new family also fostered his brother Koda for 3 months until they found him a great home. AND, they still have play dates! Read Poncho's full story in the "Meet Poncho" section below.


  • Poncho was born in Tijuana Mexico November 15, 2020. The rescue is @wesavedapuppy Brian (founder) lives in San Diego and travels across the border to rescue mostly dogs. He just opened up a vet clinic in TJ too! That was his dream! Poncho was one of two in the litter that survived. They all had parvo and guardia. We couldn’t adopt Poncho until he had a clean bill of heath to cross the border. The first time I saw him (the pic I’m sending) I said “I want that puppy” I called Brian and he said we have like 200 people that want him 😂 we adopted Poncho in March 2021 and I also fostered his brother Koda for 3 months and found him a great home. We still have play dates! Poncho is Bassett, Chihuahua, Boxer, German Shepherd, Poodle and Miniature Schnauzer. I did the dna 🧬 test😂 his hobbies are shedding, going to the park and beach. Barking at strangers from our front window 🙉 playing with all his toys! (He’s very gentle with them) He has funny paws - basset and people comment on them ALOT

  • Bow Ties are hand-made and should not subjected to harsh pulling or other rough handling. We do not recommend daily wear. Bow Ties are for outer wear only and should not be ingested. In case of ingestion notify proper health authority as soon as possible if you suspect life threatening issues. Purchaser releases Bow Tie Atticus from any legal action and does not hold Bow Tie Atticus responsible should a bow tie become ingested. Non-toxic hot melt adhesives used and defined as not hazardous by co

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