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Teal blues & White Square plaid pattern! River and his brother Pine were rescued from an awful situation. (read the rest of his story in the “Meet River” section below.


  • OCTOBER 2021 from their dad: Big news everyone! The Bully Boys family just got bigger!Introducing River and Pine, the newest members of the family. They were rescued from an awful, I mean awful situation. We are sooo thankful to @coderedk9crew for all of the amazing work they do. It was an emotional roller coaster preparing the house for two new pups. I was preparing the area where they would sleep and making sure everything was safe and clean, and puppy proofed. All the while I was reminded of my boys Tug and Sully and how much I missed them. Now, I’ve never been accused of being a tough guy, but I usually don’t display emotion openly. I was weepy that day. Excited to bring home our new boys, missing my Tugboat and my Sullivan.I know that my boys would’ve wanted us to open our home and our hearts to other dogs that need a forever home.Welcome to the family River and Pine!Be ready for a lot of puppy pics over the coming days, weeks, months. Nobody gets tired of puppy pics, am I right?

  • Bow Ties are hand-made and should not subjected to harsh pulling or other rough handling. Bow Ties are for outer wear only and should not be ingested. In case of ingestion notify proper health authority as soon as possible if you suspect life threatening issues. Purchaser releases Bow Tie Atticus from any legal action and does not hold Bow Tie Atticus responsible should a bow tie become ingested. Non-toxic hot melt adhesives used and defined as not hazardous by code 29 CFR1910.1200/Conforms to ASTM D-4236-88. Bow Ties can be gently cleaned with damp cloth.

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